The Memphis Urban League is an interracial, non-profit, nonpartisan, community-based organization that provides direct services and policy advocacy to help individuals and communities reach their full potential. Primarily working with African-Americans, the under-served and economically disadvantaged, we work to close equality gaps for people at all economic levels and stages of life.


The Memphis Urban League’s (MUL) mission is to assist African-Americans, the under-served, and economically disadvantaged to expand economic opportunities, and secure equality, power and civil rights. We carry forth our mission by helping adults attain economic self-sufficiency through employment preparation and job placement, and by helping our youth excel academically and socially by providing the resources they need for success in school and beyond.


The Memphis Urban League envisions a city where all people are empowered to support themselves and their families and share in the city’s prosperity and well-being.


Education and Youth Development provides a continuum of youth educational support services, giving students from elementary through high school access to the resources they need to attain high academic achievement and to be college and/or career ready upon graduation from high school.

Workforce and Economic Development provides comprehensive employment assistance, computer skills training, adult basic education assistance, and professional development workshops to help adults get on the path to economic self reliance.

Civic Engagement and Leadership Empowerment encourages all people to take an active role to improve quality of life through participation in community service projects and public policy initiatives. Civil Rights and Racial Justice Empowerment guarantees equal participation in all facets of American society through proactive public policies and community-based programs.